Are you prepared for what’s to come after a Hurricane or a
Major Storm?

Everyone sees the destruction that hurricanes can cause, check out this video from the Catastrophic HURRICAN IAN. You clearly see the destruction it does to streets, cars, commercial buildings, and homes. What many CAN’T SEE is the hidden damage such as cracked pipes.

What can happen after a storm? Plumber’s Problems?

1) Water Heater Malfunction –

Your water heater can malfunction & stop producing hot water if stormwater leaks into your heater.

A water heater can explode or start a fire if you attempt to use a damaged one. You must replace the water heater at once!

Be Careful!! When trying to Inspect or repair damaged water heaters. It can be risky especially if the water heater is in standing water.

Small leaks increase your water bill and can cause much bigger problems.

Caution: when heading outside, be sure to check for exposed or fallen electrical lines and stay far away. Always assume a downed wire is a live one!

The best thing to do if you’re experiencing such a problem is to call a certified Professional Plumber.

2) Water Leaks –

One of the most common side effects of hurricanes is leakage from pipes. This is due to the prolonged heavy rain and strong winds. Both can cause stress on your pipes. After the storm, you should check if your pipes are leaking.

You can do this easily by checking your water meter, while no water is running in your home. If no water is running, the number on the meter should not be increasing. If the number on your meter is going up, you probably have a leak. You should call a professional to inspect it as soon as possible.

3) Slow Toilet Drain –

Your underground sewer lines could shift, due to a combination of prolonged heavy rain and storm surges. This will most likely cause a huge backup. These events do not allow the sewer drains to drain properly. To prevent this make sure you’re sewage lines are backed up before a hurricane. If your system does not back up after a hurricane, call a professional.

4) Make Sure Outdoor Drains
are Clear –

Drains cluttered or clogged with debris can’t handle the overload of water from a heavy storm or hurricane. Make sure they’re completely cleared so you don’t have to deal with a home that’s flooded. I’m addition, make sure gutters and downspouts are securely fastened to the house and clear roadside drainage of debris to prevent back.

We’re here to help –

Damages, caused by hurricanes or bad storms can mess up your drain pipes and plumbing system. This can be quite extensive and overwhelming.  Let Veteran Plumbing ease the stress and make necessary repairs to your plumbing system.

Call us today to inspect or repair your home. We will carry out an in-depth inspection and offer excellent repair services for your plumbing system.


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