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Plumbing DIY Projects Gone Horribly Wrong

 Rookie Plumbing Mistakes Gone Wrong

I recently decided to upgrade things around my house. I started with the vanity in the master bathroom that desperately needed to be swapped out with a modern one. This was the original sink and facet as well. 

I called around the local licensed plumbers in my area and my first estimate was, drum rolls please… $859.64!!!!!

AMERICAN DOLLARS????? This was the first thought I had, after passing out. How hard can this really be? After all, it wasn’t brain surgery.  I think I got this!

The first thing I did was watch a few YouTube tutorials about, “How to install a Bathroom Vanity.” Seems easy enough, right? I googled the supplies I will need and purchased them for my project. Who needs a plumber I thought, I am a smart homeowner and I can accomplish this task with no problem.

Needless to say, It didn’t go over so well. Looked like something out of a horror movie.

Needless to say, I never attempted to do another home DIY project that was out of my scoop of expertise.
However, many folks attempt projects like this every day and so many more. This could not only be harmful to your home but to yourself and your family. It will also cost you a bunch more money to fix all the mistakes you made along the way.

Here are a few more examples of home DIY failures.

Hot Water Tanks

Can’t make this stuff ladies and gentlemen. These are actual photos of home DIY projects that should have been left to a Licensed Plumber.

Now that I am aware that I need to hire a professional to accomplish the list of DIYs.

But, what is a fair amount to be charged? After all, you don’t want to be taken advantage of.

1. Replacing existing piping
Between $50-$200 an hr
The average cost for a 2000sq ft home is between $3000-$16,000

2. Major Plumbing Projects
$4.50 per square foot of construction area

3. Cost per hour
Average $100 hour
Depends on skill level. The range is from $25-$200 per hour

4. Pipe installation for a bathtub, sink, or toilet
About $1000 for each.

5. How much to install a toilet
$100-$200, depending on the type you buy

6. How much are PEX pipes, ( The most durable on the market today)
The whole house, 2- bathrooms, $4000-$7000

7. Install new hot water heater
Between $1,590 and $10,000

8. Install new water softener
Between $1000- $2800 (could be up to $6000 for a Smart System or if you need significant plumbing added)

9. Water damage repair
Leaking pipes can cost between $150-$350 to repair (Depending on the severity)

10. Installing a dishwasher
$100-$450 advantage


Just remember to always hire a Professional Plumber to take care of all the home DIY you may have. Protect your wallet and your home and don’t take on projects that are outside of your scoop. However, keep in mind the average price to accomplish the project. Keep in mind, the area you live in might have a higher cost per living cost. Which will increase the fee as well as the experience level of the plumber. 

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