• Ice and blistering cold are expected to descend on our region again in the coming days, as winter storms continue to roar throughout our region, impacting lives and property
  • Damage from frozen pipes bursting is one of the most common (and costly) types of property damage experienced during freezing weather conditions
  • Here are steps you MUST take to prepare your plumbing to weather winter storms that can damage your property and cost thousands in repairs

Better safe than sorry, they say. They also say that an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure, which is never more true than when you’re prepping your home for freezing temperatures and winter storms. 

Preparing your home in advance, or having Veteran Plumbing do the messy grunt work for you, can help your fragile pipes survive the winter storm and potentially save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. 

One of the most common, costly, and time-consuming home remediation and repair issues is water damage caused by leaking or broken pipes…and incidents increase dramatically during freezing temperatures, when water pipes can become obstructed by ice, causing pressure to build until the pipes burst. 


What can you do to protect your home? 

5 Steps to Take Now 


  1. Drip your faucets and spigots. Keeping the water flowing will keep the water from freezing and Voila!…no build-up of water pressure that leads to burst pipes! 
  1. Make sure the heat is on. This goes without saying, usually, but make sure your home is nice and warm. This will increase the overall temperature of the pipes. 
  1. Open cabinets and doors. This is often overlooked, but most exposed interior plumbing pipes lay behind cabinet and closet doors. Open any doors obstructing the pipes you’re dripping to allow the home heating to warm them. 
  1. Add extra insulation. Use plumbing insulationor even old clothes and duct tapeto wrap and protect pipes that are exposed in garages or in crawl spaces. 
  1. Seal up cracks and holes. Protect those puppies! Locate and seal any openings that are allowing cold air to enter and come into contact with your pipes. 

Even us plumbing professionals often have our hands full preparing our homes to ensure our pipesand our propertyare safe from the freezing weather that hits Virginia in January, February, and March each year. 


 We always put our customers first, and our team is standing by and ready to help you prepare for the storm 


There is never a better time than now to weather-proof your home for the freeze and prevent the common and costly damage storms bring. 


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