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Soft Water = Savings, Safety & Sanity

What do you really know about the water you use every day? Is your water soft or hard?

Does it leave orange rings around your sinks and toilets?

Hard water affects your life more than you think. Our water experts here at Veteran Plumbing Services have compiled a list of the top five reasons to kick hard water out the door and bring in a water softener system.

1. Prolonged Life of Pipes & Appliances—Soft water has been filtered so it contains little minerals and deposits that can stick to pipes. Having filtered water allows appliances to operate more efficiently and longer. Homes with hard water are at risk of damaged pipes with limescale corrosion, which is a costly repair.
2. Lower Energy Bills—Appliances that use soft water run more efficiently and use less energy because of the lack of deposit buildup in the pipes. From your dishwasher to your coffee machine, each appliance runs smoother and more efficiently. A water softener equals savings in your pocket!
3. Cleaner & Softer Skin—Soft water is better for your hair and skin because it allows moisture to stay in your body. In contrast, hard water causes you to feel dry, brittle and irritated because it strips your body of its natural oils.
4. Better Cleaning—Hard water can work against your cleaning efforts requiring twice as much soap versus soft water. Also, even when cleaning with hard water, items can still appear dirty because of leftover minerals or soap giving the “film” effect.
5. Brighter & Softer Clothes—Like your shower and cleaning efforts, laundry is impacted by hard water minerals. Clothing washed in hard water can have residual mineral deposits that leave clothing stained and faded.

We think the difference is clear. Soft water is the best water to have in your family’s life!

The quick facts….A whole-house water softener can cost between $400 and $2,700 on average for a traditional ion-exchange system, according to Units can last up to 20 years, and professional servicing is minimal if you follow the routine maintenance procedures listed in your owner’s manual.

Are you ready to leave behind the stains, headaches, and higher costs? Give us a call today to discuss installing a water softener in your home!

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