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Sump Pumps: Simple Home Safety

Summer brings the heat! But don’t forget about the strong thunderstorms that come with the warmer temperatures! In Virginia, storms can produce a lot of water quickly, so you need to feel confident that your basement will stay dry. This is where your sump pump puts in the work!

How Does Your Sump Pump Work?

There are a variety of sump pumps on the market. But all work in a similar manner. Once water collects to a certain level, the sump pump activates and pushes the water away from your home to avoid flooding. Sump pumps use electricity from your home. However, we recommend investing in a backup battery, so your property is always protected.

How Do You Test A Sump Pump at Home?

Testing a sump pump is easy! Before performing the test, clean the area around the sump pump of any debris. Next, make sure its connection to the outlet is secure. Once that is completed, grab a large bowl of water to slowly pour over the sump pump. If the sump pump is working correctly, it will dispose of the water properly. If you do have a backup battery, repeat this test without the sump pump being plugged in to make sure the sump pump battery is in working order.

“feel confident water isn’t coming into your home”

Is your sump pump unresponsive or acting funky? Call our experts to replace it immediately to avoid costly water damage! Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to consult with you on your plumbing needs.

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