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Top 3 Hot Water Heater Issues To Avoid

Avoid the Top 3 Hot Water Heater Problems

Don’t let your water heater leave you out in the cold this winter. Check out these common water heater problems and what you can do to remedy them.

Running Out of Hot Water

It’s time to tell your water heater, “It’s not you. It’s me.” We’re quick to blame a faulty water heater when we run out of hot water instead of blaming our behavior. 

 The dip tube is most likely the issue. Dip tubes are internal pipes that extend from the cold water inlet to the bottom of the water heater. 


Cold water will flow through the crack in the dip tube, mixing with the hot water flowing out of the tank. That’s why you may notice your hot water tap alternating between hot and cold suddenly. The tube will likely need to be replaced to restore the system to proper function.

It also could be your water heater is undersized for your house. A water heater that’s too small could lead to never having enough hot water and being highly overworked. This will lead to frequent repairs or premature breakdown


We’ve all been there. The hot water begins to taper off and our instinct is to crank the shower dial-up. Then instead of being showered with ice cubes, streams of lava pour out of your facet.

Does your shower tend to switch from scalding to frigid on a dime? This is is to take lightly, especially if you have children. It can take five seconds or less for scalding hot water to cause burns. The first measure you should take is to lower your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


Most heaters come with a factory setting of 140 degrees, which is often used at home shows to show how hot the water can get in a short period. While this might impress consumers, you’ll save your skin and energy by lowering the temperature. You can also install an anti-scald valve that maintains safe water temperatures, even when the water pressure changes.

A perfect example is, someone showering will not experience a burst of cold, followed by extremely hot water when someone else flushes a toilet.

High Energy Bills

Did you know that your water heater has to work much harder to heat water when your home is cold? The first, and easiest, way to save money on hot water is to implement water-saving measures such as limiting shower times or washing your clothes in cold water.


Are you saving water, but still not saving money? Replacing your water heater is an investment, so before you revamp your entire system, check to see if your high energy bills are linked to a drafty home.

Many homes are drafty due to insufficient insulation or air leaks in doors and windows. If you have fixed these problems and are still experiencing sky-high bills, your old water heater may be the culprit.

We recommend replacing it with a more energy-efficient model.

Mass Save Program

No matter your financial situation, making energy-efficient upgrades to your home is always possible.

Mass Save is a wonderful government program that offers interest-free loans to homeowners who want to make upgrades, such as replacing their water heater.
When you consider these tips, you can rid your home of these water heater problems and save hundreds on your energy bill. Do you think you’re paying too much to heat your home’s water?

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