The Plumbing Pro’s Six Spring Maintenance Tasks


Spring has arrived or, at least, so they say. Hello, Virginia weather—you fickle thing, you! To keep it simple, our team has assembled a quick checklist for you: Six Spring Maintenance Tasks. These are tasks you can perform yourself. Doing so will help stay ahead of any issues because no one likes those types of surprises.

  1. Check Hoses of Major Appliances—Carefully inspect the hoses of any appliances that use water to ensure their connections are secure, there are no cracks, and there is nothing that would obstruct your water flow. Make sure you check all your appliances (washing machine, water heater, dishwater).
  2. Check Sink Valve Connection & Caulking—Spend some time under each sink checking any hardware that is attached to ensure it has a solid connection and that any sealant has not broken or become brittle with age.
  3. Check toilet bowls and tanks for leaks—Toilets have many ways of leaking so be sure to check every area that has a seal, valve, or gasket for damage or leaks.
  4. Check Water Heater Temperature, Operation, and Flushing—Grab that owner’s manual to get a quick refresher on how to flush and then reset your water heater. This will help your water heater last longer and perform better. It will also prevent sediment from accumulating at the bottom of the heater.
  5. Check All the Drains—Make sure drains are free from blockages and have water-tight seals to prevent leaks.
  6. Head Outside… Check all hose spigots and connections for leaks, rust, & cracks—Ensure all connections are tight so that you cannot see any water leaking out any cracks or rust that would compromise the plumbing.

Don’t have the time to do this springtime checkup? Does something look suspicious upon inspection?

Don’t want to deal? We got your six! Call our professional team, and we will be there for you!