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What Should I Do If A Main Water Line Burst?

When the main water line to your home burst, this can cause a lot of undue stress. Water is spraying everywhere and wreaking havoc on your property while causing you to panic more. You can save yourself a lot of unnecessary grief by educating and preparing ahead of time. This way you can handle your water main burst with confidence.

Before discussing the proper action plan for water main breaks, you should know what your number one priority is: CALL A CERTIFIED PLUMBER! Calling a plumber will be your first line of defense, protecting you from extensive water main damage.

Now that professional help is on the way, you are ready to jump into your action plan to deal with your burst water main emergency. “Shut off the water to the house”, should be your first thought and plan of action

First, Find the Main Water Shut Off Valve

First, shut off the main water valve. Umm… what? Say, where is my main water shut-off valve anyway? Yeah, that is good information to know ahead of time. Take a look at this helpful Video.

Do NOT wait. Now is a good time to find out where the main water shut-off valve is before you experience a water main burst. This important bit of information will be the difference between properly handling a burst water main with confidence or spinning out of control in agitation.

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Drain All the Faucets to Help the Water Main Burst

The next step in water main repair is to drain all faucets. Most water main burst events happen in winter when water freezes and expands inside the pipes. When you remove the extra water from the plumbing system, you relieve extra pressure, especially if the water has a chance to freeze.

Turn on the cold water faucets and drain the extra water from the pipes. Don’t forget the toilets. Think of toilets as cold water shut-off valves that also need to be drained, and flush several times.

Next, Turn Off Your Hot Water Heater and Drain the Hot Taps

After tapping the cold water faucets, turn off the water heater and drain the hot taps. Additionally, letting warm air in can help circulate your water pipes allowing warm air to circulate cold or frozen pipes is helpful. You could turn up the thermostat, open up cupboard doors that house pipes, or direct a hairdryer on a pipe that is frozen.

Knowing where your main water shut-off valve is ahead of time makes a world of difference, so remembering to document water main damage will be extremely beneficial.

Now, you can get the mop out and put all your items back in place.

Prevent Frozen Pipes with a Few Extra Steps

Frozen pipes are the leading cause of burst water mains. The high cost to replace main water lines will motivate you to prevent frozen pipes. A few extra steps taken now will save time, headaches, and money later on.

Allow warm-to-reach pipes to keep them from freezing
When away from the house, make sure the temperature stays above freezing
Apply pipe sleeves or heat tape to exposed pipes insulating them from the cold.

If you experience a Burst Water Main, Call Veteran Plumbing Services Right Away!

Veteran Plumbing will quickly respond and take command of a burst water main emergency effectively. Our advice, prevention tips, and service are offered to serve you in the best way possible.

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