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When Leaks Happen…With Your Toilet

As one of the most used fixtures in a home, toilet leaking is an inconvenient and costly plumbing problem for homeowners. Between the extra cost of the water bill and the irritation of a malfunctioning toilet, everyone is eager to figure out a solution to their toilet problems quickly!

Sadly, there can be multiple reasons your toilet is leaking dependent on the age or type of fixture. Our team is available to assist you, but this list is a good place to start your investigation. The best thing to do is to not ignore the problem because it will lead to more issues and WATER DAMAGE! If you don’t feel comfortable handling it, then give us a call today!

So, without any further delay let’s jump right into our list of possible troublemakers causing your toilet

  1. Leaking Supply Line. Supply lines are outside the toilet and connect the fixture to the water source. The line is made of plastic, vinyl, or stainless steel. Check the connections, valves, and lines for problems that can be remedied.
  2. Broken Wax Seal. When water is at the base of the toilet, the most common issue is a broken wax seal, which is supposed to function as a barrier between the toilet water and the flooring. Wear and tear are the most common reasons a wax seal deteriorates. **Veteran Note: Don’t DIY a wax seal without experience. It leads to more issues…leave it to the experts!**
  3. Damaged Toilet Float. The toilet float, (the “ball” inside the top tank) serves as the mechanism that triggers water to refill whenever the toilet is flushed. When this part is damaged, the toilet runs continuously and will waste water by either overflowing or never getting full. This type of toilet damage is most associated with the “running water” noise heard between toilet uses.
  4. Damaged Fill or Flush Valve. Fill or flush valves also trigger water being to enter or run out of the water tank. So, when they are broken or malfunctioning, water can continue to run, or it can get backed up. Neither option is good for your toilet.

Do not get frustrated; toilets are complicated! Our team at Veteran Plumbing has got your six! Give us a call today and we will be happy to diagnose and fix your plumbing problems.

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