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Why Does the Toilet Keep Running? How Can I Fix It?

Did you know a running toilet is wasting 30 gallons of water? The statistic is mind-opening in a world where climate change and water shortage are becoming a global threat. Therefore, we present a few strategies to eliminate ill-working toilet plumbing.

Old construction

Your home may have excessive water pressure because of its dated construction. Secondly, another reason for continuously running toilets is a stuck full valve.

Consider lowering the water pressure to remedy the problem. You can contact the city or install a pressure-reducing value to limit the supply. Resultantly, the toilet flush works better with reduced water wastage.

Faulty plumbing

Another reason a running toilet is that a crucial part of toilet plumbing needs replacement. A flapper is a vital component that monitors water flow in the toilet. Its responsibility is to supervise the water in and out of the toilet.

Remove the toilet tank for a closer look at the flapper. The owner must replace the component every five to eight years. Indicators for quick replacement include tearing and stretching in the flapper.

Uncooperative float

Thirdly, a float is also a frequent cause of running water. Therefore, check the float placement before panicking over the phone with the plumber. Checking the component will save you money and replacement costs.

A float is an indicative device that lets the toilet know its fullness. After locating the floater, adjust it, so it is not too high or too low.

Blocked plumbing

In addition, the toilet’s internal mechanism is gravity-based to get rid of contaminants. If the toilet is blocked, the water has nowhere to go but up.

If you are facing a similar issue, we advise using an augur to clear the blockage. Moreover, you can try a plunger, too, if you do not own an auger.

The tank handle

A stuck toilet handle can also cause the toilet to run. The water will run if the toilet seat is not sufficiently high. Otherwise, the water does not go down and strains the bowl plumbing.

However, the solution is quite easy. Open the water tank and locate the water pipe. Unscrew the pipe separate from the tank and replace the part causing it to get stuck

The Bottom Line

Even though it may seem like a huge problem, the underlying causes are very easy to identify and remedy. However, you can contact Veteran Plumbing to provide a long-term solution to the infamous running toilet if nothing is working out for you.

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